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TC Fixings

Tek Screws - What Are They

We get asked for tek screws every day, but what are they and what are they used for? 'Tek screws' covers a large range of products for a variety of different applications so it is important that you purchase the correct tek screw for your job. Tek screws are self-tapping fasteners that have a small drill bit end allowing them to be used for screwing materials such as wood and metal together without pre-drilling. Tek screws are best fitted with an impact driver. They come in a range of sizes with four basic designs: Hex Head, Countersunk Head, Pan Head and Low Profile Head self drilling screws.

Hex Head Tek Screws are mostly used in the roofing industry for self drilling through metal. We also have a range of smaller hex head screws and stitching screws, for fixing thin gauge metals, and gash point screws for fixing thin gauge metal to timber.

Countersunk Tek Screws are used for fixing substrates to metal without the need to pre-drill. Our range includes light and heavy section wing tipped countersunk self drilling tek screws, used for securing timber to steel substrates. Our light section tek screws will self drill through up to 5mm steel, and our heavy section tek screws will self drill through up to 12mm steel.

Pan Head Tek Screws are for light duty metal to metal fixings. These screws eliminate the need to pre-drill the hole and are much faster than traditional self tapping screws which require pilot-drilling.

Our Low Profile Tek Screws include baypole, pancake head and wafer head tek screws, which are used where a low profile or un-obtrusive fixing is required

TC Fixings have all the right Tek Screws for your project.  If you have any questions, please call 01799 520640 and one of our staff experts will be pleased to help you.